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NEES Center​ is an innovative, international center, aiming at finding solutions in the new energy field. We provide support and programs that meet the needs of both the entrepreneurs and the industry-leading partners with the goal of connecting businesses and opening them up to new networks of technology services, digital solutions, and programs.

Public Sector

Private sector

NEES is an international innovation center based in Hadera established in partnership with the Economic Company of Hadera and OTWOi. We foster Israeli Energy Technology to provide solutions for the people of Israel and the world.

OTWOi is our parent company / partner company...

Hadera Municipality has teamed up with NEES to be a beta/test site for our network of startups. That way, companies can pilot their product in a real city before scaling up.


We use a three tier model to take companies from idea, through funding, all the way to launch.



Groom and teach students how to create a business model that is feasible via mentors and coaching.



Either invest directly or we connect businesses with other seed investors.



Assist mature start-ups in entering markets both domestically and abroad.


Cody Norton is a 26-year-old rising entrepreneur in the field of Energy Technology. Cody is originally from the US and was raised in Los Angeles. Cody attended Indiana University, receiving a BA in Economics and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Innovation from the Kelley School of Business. Since a young age, Cody has focused on helping people by finding solutions for problems that effect his community, from philanthropy to single family home Solar. As an oleh chadash Cody is eager to make his mark here in Israel as Managing Director of NEES and focused on fostering Israeli Energy Technology here in Israel, as well as taking the solutions abroad.

Managing partner

Cody Vallez Norton

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Head of Sales


22 HaMasger St. – Hadera, Israel

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