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Gathering the most disruptive innovations in energy technology to provide global solutions

The New Energy Entrepreneurial Solutions

לוגו- משרד הרפז, אורן, אדלר ושות', עורכי

NEES Innovation Center in Partnership with Hadera

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Startups, investors and energy industry? Learn about NEES


NEES is an innovative, international Center focusing on fostering the best of Israeli energy technology with the mission to advance groundbreaking solutions and revolutionize EnergyTech as we know it today. 

The Center operates with a distinct set of goals which includes: creating a global network, being the main meeting point between the disruptive technology and the Energy-related market, gather the relevant cutting edge technologies under one brand, and accelerate EnergyTech startups.

In today’s market, it is crucial to identify early-stage startups in order to effectively strengthen their work. With the Hadera Economic Company as the main design partner, we have unprecedented access to the city of Hadera and utilize its entirety as a beta/pilot site. Start-ups have the ability to implement and then scale globally!

We welcome all solutions that can better assist the residents of Hadera, as well as the world, to become more sustainable and/or reduce costs.

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